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  • Order get filled from best bid or ask price available in the market.

  • Execution via Tier1 Banks

  • Aggregation mode allows to see exceptional tight spreads.

  • Drastic effect on higher profitability

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Forex rebates reduce the spread or transaction cost paid by a trader on every trade, whether it’s a win or a loss. Rebate payments are offered in three forms including spread and commission reductions, daily trading account deposits, and monthly cash payments via bank wire, Paypal, Skrill and others.

When a trader links their new or existing forex trading account to us, the broker pays us a volume based commission for every trade that's placed. We then pay most of this back to our clients. Consequently, you get a better deal working with us than working only with the broker.

Our business model and theme is offering the highest rebate rates at every popular forex broker. Our clients can rest assured they are getting the highest rebates possible combined with the best possible customer support and consistent, timely and accurate rebates.

While there are forex rebate providers that use increasing spreads to offer you more rebates, we have never done this so that you can access to the best trading conditions. The best and easiest way to remove such a concern is to just ask customer support at the broker.

The biggest obstacle to any forex trader is the cost of the transaction. It may seem small, but in fact it’s the biggest factor that gives the trader less than a 50% chance of winning any particular trade. This seemingly small cost can be devastating when compounded, and in the long term if the trader relies on luck alone they are sure to continually lose on their investment. A rebate reduces the cost of the transaction and increases a trader’s probability of winning. Still, a trader must rely on their trading skill to close the remainder of the gap.

Forex rebates are very popular and a large percentage of traders are signed up through a rebate provider. Of course, not every trader is earning rebates. Some consider the rebated amount immaterial to the amount they envision earning trading forex. Others may not trust rebate providers, believing it’s far-fetched that they can actually get a better deal with a rebate provider than dealing solely with the forex broker. Others may simply not know about forex rebates.

Trading involves substantial risks, including complete possible loss of funds and other losses and is not suitable for everyone.

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